Commercialisation Strategy

Nauti-Craft does not intend to go into the business of building boats, the Company’s prime commercialisation strategy is to seek out and conclude license agreements with boat builders in the various segments of the global marine market.
The Company has the opportunity to earn revenues from various aspects of licensing arrangements with ship builders:

• Payment for design and development services
• Payment of licensing fees to gain rights for the market segment
• Ongoing royalties for each vessel sold incorporating Nauti-Craft technology.

Nauti-Craft currently has three commercial agreements in place:

• An exclusive agreement with Australia and Asia based boatbuilder Triyards Strategic Marine to build windfarm sevice vessels for the European market.
• An agreement with a Middle East-based group for the development of a luxury quadmaran.
• An agreement with a Japanese boatbuilder to build high performance recreational sports fishing vessels.